8:00 a.m.________Breakfast


8:30 a.m.________Cabin clean up


9:00 a.m.________Bible Study


9:30 a.m.________Sport Session #1 & #2


11:30 a.m._______Free Time


12:00 p.m._______Lunch


12:30 p.m._______Rest time


1:00 p.m.________Sport Session #3


2:30 p.m.________Swim time


4:00 p.m.________Sport Session #4


5:30 p.m.________Supper


6:30 p.m.________Evening entertainment


9:15 p.m.________Campfire devotions


10:00 p.m._______Lights out






Sports attire for both warm and cold weather

Plenty of good socks (Volleyball players – you want to buy sand socks.  Find them here!)

Basketball, volleyball, or soccer shoes

Knee pads (to protect your knees if you fall on the outdoor court) please have!

Beech shoes or flip flops

Another pair of shoes other than the ones for the sports

Other clothes for evenings -since you will shower after playing sports all day

Bug Spray

Sun Screen

Hat or Visor


If you have long hair, something to keep it back



Beach Towel

Bath Towel

Sheets or Sleeping Bag


Pen or pencil


Spending money for snacks or souvenirs






The full-time staff at Camp Okoboji provides our meals, lifeguards, snack bar and cabin maintenance. The OSC staff plans, supervises, and runs the sports camps. During this week we spend 6 hours each day working on improving our individual and team skills in the great games of basketball, volleyball, and soccer. In addition to sports, our group does group activities such as bible study, swim time, free time and evening activities. Our evening activities include a treasure hunt, a trip to the amusement park, games of bingo, bunco and other fun things. We end every evening with campfire devotions. These other activities make this camp different from other sports camps. It provides an opportunity to build interpersonal relationships. Our morning Bible studies are written to have all the girls participate each day in a fun and different way while learning more about Jesus. Singing in worship is also a big part of morning and evening devotion time. 

Personal attention is very important. Our staff 
the fundamentals of every aspect of the game. We also work on incorporating team concepts of the game. Basketball, Volleyball, and soccer are very complex games and we work to break it down for every level of player. We have an age range of campers who have completed the fourth through eighth grades. We work very hard to make sure each age level improves and develops according to their needs.